Symposium Programme

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Sunday 14 July

Title:  How to become the best version of you

Time: 10:45am – 11:45am

Presenter: Lisa Conway

Free electronic copy of "Your Salon Team" to the first 5 people registered.

You are a leader and no different to parenting, your team members are watching you.

Lisa Conway explains how you need to step up as a leader and owner of your business and that starts with you being the best version of you. Everything from how you take care of your own health, how you interact with people and the language you use, through to your physical appearance. All these things project an image of you and is reflected in how people treat you.

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Title: Hormones, estrogen & menopause - what is happening to the skin

Time: 10:45am – 11:45am

Presenter: Gay Wardle

As we age FSH (follicular stimulating hormone)  and LH (Luteinizing hormone) change how the estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are regulated in your body. You start to feel depressed, you get irritable and your skin is changing. In this lecture you will gain a better understanding of the changes your skin undergoes during menopause and the affects estrogen has on the skin. Changes in estrogen levels has a huge impact on how the skin will respond to clinical treatments. 


Title: The 7 most common mistakes salon owners make in business

Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Presenter: Jay Chapman

Free electronic copy of "Your Salon Retail" to the first 5 people registered.

Jay Chapman shows how as salon leaders, you make seven common mistakes that hold you back from greatness. One by one, he unpacks the 7 mistakes and explains how they undermine your success and how you can overcome them0


Title: Thrive, don’t just survive: real food in the real world and making it work for you

Time: 1:15pm - 2:15pm

Presenter: Mikki Williden

While many people think that having the knowledge of what is a healthy diet is enough, how on earth do you sort through the mixed messages and put these into practice in the real world? Paleo, vegan, keto, fasting… this session will talk through current dietary trends and give practical tips on finding the right nutrition solutions for you to thrive in today’s modern paced environment.

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Title: Skin Disorders

Time: 1:15pm - 2:15pm

Presenter: Gay Wardle

What are the most common skin disease and conditions? How can you recognise them and how are they treated? This lecture will have a focus on the malfunction of cells and systems that relate to these skin disorders.   We will also cover diseases such as auto immune disease and the skin disorders that can develop from those diseases. Things to look for during your consultation process.