8 Top tanning tips from a tanner to the stars

It’s true what they say…the camera can add 5kgs. A great spray tan can take off 5kg and tone up and define those muscles: perfect for the dancers baring more skin than they bargained for on smash-hit TV show Dancing with the Stars. Black Magic Tan has been lucky enough to be the tan of choice for Dancing with the Stars for the last 2-years running.  Jess, the NZ Distributor for Black Magic Tan, shares her top tips for creating a TV-quality tan.

1.     Use a Blending Brush. Perfection is key: a dancer’s body is well and truly exposed most nights (and your client’s may be too!) so attention to detail and care is needed. When going dark the tan is not as forgiving so using a blending brush to buff in those areas that matter like the hands, feet, ankles and even around the underarm area really will leave your client’s tan seamless.

Check out the Blending Brush https://www.blackmagictan.co.nz/product/blending-brush/

2.     Manage client expectations when it comes to development time: let clients know when they book that they will need to allow for development time at your salon to get the best outcome. Development time or ‘marinating’ as we like say is the time post spray tan where you let your tanning application do its magic.

3.     Remind clients not to wear tight clothing to their appointment to ensure they will get the best out of their developing tan. 

4.     Explain to clients they must avoid exercise post-appointment to ensure their tan doesn’t go streaky.

5.     Do not underestimate the development process and trust that a “fast tan” means that. 

6.     Don’t let tan over-develop. You can and should rinse tan off in the specified timeframe to avoid over-development.

7.     Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Tan on top of tan is a ‘no-no’ in our beautifully bronzed world, as this will result in a patchy, built-up and uneven tan to follow so getting any previous tan off before tanning again is critical. A tan should last upwards of 7-days so to be tanning on the regular means maintenance is crucial.  We want a freshly exfoliated base to start with. Black Magic Foaming Tan Remover works wonders and will ensure the removal process is not going to result in any tears: it will melt that stubborn remainder of tan out of sight.

Check out the Foaming Tan Remover https://www.blackmagictan.co.nz/product/foaming-tan-remover/

8.     Client going to be on TV? Go hard or go home!! Now this doesn’t always apply but when under harsh stage lighting and the glare of a TV camera it’s safe to say going a bit bolder than your client is used to is not going to hurt. We use Vibe Ultra on the dancers which has triple bronzers that help to instantly stain the skin and give that intense chocolate colour.

Check out Vibe Ultra https://www.blackmagictan.co.nz/?s=vibe+ultra

You can check out all these products and see first hand tan demonstrations at the NZ Hair and Beauty Expo at the Black Magic Tan stand 423. 

Happy Tanning

Image Credit: Dancing with the Stars NZ 2019