Black Magic Tan

Loved by professionals and their clients, the aim of the creators of Black Magic Tan has always been to give everyone a little magic to transform their skin in the healthiest way possible. Delivering a deep, rich colour with no lingering after-smell and no added fragrance, it can be customised according to each client and has been proven to enhance a range of skin types and shades. From lending paler skins a warm, luminous glow to helping deepen darker shades for a more dramatic result, Black Magic Tan performs, each and every time.

Good for you, your clients and the planet, Black Magic Tan contains no parabens and is vegan and vegetarian friendly, as well as being cruelty free since day one. Because the company manufactures their own, the DHA present in each batch of Black Magic Tan is so fresh that you can always be assured of receiving a beautiful, quality product.