Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 July 2017 ASB Showgrounds, Auckland

Master Classes

Session Styling Tips and Tricks with Sarah Laidlaw

Cost: $200.00 (incl GST)

9.15am - 11.15am Saturday 15 July

Styling hair for fashion and beauty editorials, magazine covers, advertising campaigns & celebrity clients is high-pressure, fast paced, fun and creatively rewarding.

Whether you want to to learn how to add that killer edge to your photographic hair work, or you'd like to incorporate runway and editorial looks into your salon styling...  Sarah will share quick techniques, product secrets and session styling tips to give you more control, creativity and photographic success. 

 With 26 years of experience and an impressive 3 x 'Session Stylist Of The Year' titles under her belt, Sarah has a wealth of knowledge to share. 

Sarah will take you through prepping effectively, shaping hair and creating looks that come to life on camera.

This is for those who are passionate about bringing a fashion-edge and creative finesse to your work that will help you stand-out from the competition.


Brow Shaping with Australian Brow Artist Jazz Pampling

Cost: $200.00 per class (incl GST)

11.45am - 13.45am Saturday 15 July

11.45am - 13.45am Sunday 16 July

During this two hour seminar Jazz will break down the eyebrow and show how best to shape the brow for the individual. Learning to look beyond the brow and truly see why the brow frames the face, and how this can add to your work as an artist. Jazz will go into detail about face shape and brow shape. How we age and the ways in which you can add years to the appearance of your client. She will demonstrate different techniques for hair removal beyond waxing and tweezing, while discussing difficult brows and how best to deal with them.


Creative Freehand Nail Art with Cleopatra Tucker

Cost: $180.00 (incl GST)

14.15am - 16.15am Saturday 15 July

During this workshop it will feel more like an art class. Cleo will be taking you through the beauty of creating nail art inspired by fashion/prints and patterns. Teaching you the beauty of creating nail art that is inspired rather than copied. Moving away from the novelty nail art and creating nail art that can be more individual. Learning and experimenting with different techniques. 


Body Art Masterclass with Becca Gilmartin

Cost: $150.00 (incl GST)

09.15am - 11.15am Sunday 16 July

Join one of Australia's favourite Makeup and Body Artists, Becca Gilmartin, as she takes you through the basics of Body Art and how to go from an idea to execution. This 2 hour 'look and learn' class will help demystify the art of Body Art and also show you how you can incorporate Body Art into a Makeup Artist Career.

Participants will be invited to attend the NZ Body Art Showcase exhibition performance of ‘Once Upon A Time’ on the main stage at 3pm and have the opportunity of meeting the artists and dancers backstage pre-show.


Laser & IPL treatments - How to achieve competence & accreditation to maximise positive outcomes & minimise adverse events with Dr Godfrey Town

Cost: $180.00 (incl GST)

14.15pm - 16.15pm Sunday 16 July

This Masterclass explains the importance of acquiring advanced knowledge as well as occupational skills to achieve better and more consistent results with laser tattoo removal and laser/IPL hair reduction and avoid adverse events. Godfrey will explain how knowledge of light-based therapy expands treatment options for the therapist and examines the causes of most common treatment related side effects and adverse events when using laser and IPL which can lead to personal injury claims.

He will share case photos from his personal experience as a Clinical Technologist and as an independent UK Laser Safety Officer (LSO) to explore the difference between laser and IPL side effects and adverse incidents and how they may be avoided.